Message From MD

Hello and welcome to Patliputra Equipment JCB!

I have always wanted that my workforce at JCB Patliputra Equipments should work as a close- knit family. This is easier said than done and for this reason the HR Policy that I have formulated is to inculcate in each of us, the spirit of “All for one, and one for all.” Our salaries, incentives, awards and encouragement including assistance and training wherever required. These are my biggest assets and I intend to work closely with each one of them for our common progress and prosperity.

Our customers are of utmost importance to us and we do everything in our capacity to make their experience of dealing with us a great one. Our dedication, integrity and discipline to make JCB Patliputra Equipments the best managed business enterprise in Bihar is what we have always striven for and will continue to work towards.

Best Regards,

Patliputra Equipment JCB!

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